Castle Rock Global Capital is proud to offer this opportunity for sophisticated investors to add another dimension of diversification to their portfolios.

The major international currencies combine to form the largest, most widely traded market in the World. The size, depth, and high degree of liquidity of this market create the potential for significant returns over and above the more traditionally held asset classes such as equities, property, cash and bonds.

Furthermore, these returns are uncorrelated. They depend on market volatility itself, allowing experienced managers with a proven approach to profit without taking firm views on the performance of any particular asset. Market shocks such as the GFC tend to impact traditional asset classes in a correlated fashion, limiting the protection afforded by diversification in those asset classes alone. Currency markets are not affected in the same way.

It is the currency market’s lack of correlation with traditional investments that provides diversification and peace of mind, freeing investors from the need to pick the right assets or from “fear of the headlines”.

CRGC brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and discipline to trading the major currency markets. Our conservative approach to what has traditionally been considered a volatile asset class delivers generous returns to our investors in a transparent, liquid and highly flexible package. We accept a minimum investment of just $100,000 and allow you to choose a leverage level to suit your specific objectives.

Please contact us to learn how CRGC can contribute both performance and peace of mind to your investment portfolio.


Our Commitment

We will apply our detailed knowledge, deep experience and proven approach to generate consistent and attractive returns for our investors. At all times we will exercise discipline and operate according to a conservative set of money-management principles to provide them with confidence and peace of mind.

Our core values are as follows:


No matter how hard, we will always do the right thing.


The key to our success in trading the markets.


It is essential our investors can trust us to act in their best interests.


We have respect for each other, our investors, and our community.